Our Curriculum

At BFK9, we feel strongly that clear and fair communication is essential to establish a strong training relationship.  We encourage owners to accentuate the positive and commit the necessary time to help their dog learn.

We strive to maintain a high level of continuity in our classes.  Our classes are designed to be the stepping stones to accomplish a strong training relationship.  With each level adding to increasing skills and challenges, you are guided along the path to good behavior.  There is no quick fix, and you are encouraged to join us for multiple sessions so that you and your best friend can maintain a long and happy relationship.

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Three Levels of Family Dog Obedience Classes

Our three levels of family dog obedience classes follow the path from

  1. Starter
  2. Continuing Education/STAR
  3. Advanced Education/Canine Good Citizen


Starter Class

Length: 7 weeks
Cost: $115.00
Pre-requisites:  Puppies with the second set of shots through adult dogs

Starter is the first level class for all puppies and dogs that join us at BFK9 for their education. Emphasizing focus and building the training relationship, this class covers sit, polite leash walking, elimination of jumping, wait, leave it and coming when called.

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Continuing Education/STAR Puppy

Length:  6 weeks
Cost:   $105.00
Pre-requisites:  Puppies and dogs which have completed Starter, or instructor approval

Continuing Education is the perfect name for this class which provides plenty of challenges to the dog and handler team. The addition of sit stay, down and down stay, specific positions for wait such as sit, down and stand, leash walking at the owner’s side, and recalls with increasing distractions all further focus, obedience and the training bond.  Building on the skills acquired in the first level, puppies under one year of age will be offered the AKC STAR Puppy test.

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Advanced Education/ Canine Good Citizen

Length:  6 weeks
Cost:  $105.00
Pre-requisites: Dogs which have completed Continuing Ed, or instructor approval

Incorporating real-life scenarios into obedience is the main focus of our third level.  Based on the AKC CGC program plus other more challenging skills, this class allows dogs and owners opportunities for practical application of their obedience skills.  How to greet another dog and owner, sitting for petting by another person, walking through a crowd, and working in close proximity of other dog and handlers are a few of the fun and challenging skills presented.  The CGC test is offered in conjunction with this class.  Learn more

CGC Prep Class

Length:  3 weeks
Cost:  $50.00
Pre-requisite: Dogs which have completed Advanced Ed, or instructor approval

The specific purpose of this class is to learn how to take the AKC CGC test, in order to earn the CGC title. The 10 exercises of the test will be used to practice the requirements of each section of the test. On the third week of the class, the test will be offered.

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AKC Community Canine

Length:  6 weeks
Cost:  $85.00
Pre-requisite:  Dogs which have earned the Canine Good Citizen title

The goal of this class is to work on the additional skills needed to earn the AKC Community Canine title, CGCA, or Canine Good Citizen Advanced.    Samples of some of the challenging exercises are:  sitting in heel on a leash within 2 feet of other dogs and owners for 30 seconds, walking within 2 feet of another dog and handler, staying while the owner walks across the room to pick up an item and then returning to the dog.

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Out and About

Length:  2 weeks
Pre-requisite:  Dogs which have had Starter or instructor approval

Incorporating your leash walking, wait and stay skills into the distractions of walks with other dogs through various parts of Easton will enable you to polish your dog’s focus on you.  We will provide multiple opportunities for enjoyable walking along with interesting puzzles to solve with attention and obedience.

Tricks and Treats

Length:  6 weeks
Cost:  $105.00
Pre-requisites:  Dogs which have had STAR or instructor approval

Join us for fun and games as you increase mutual trust and respect between you and your dog.  Here is a great opportunity to observe your dog’s behaviors and shape them into entertaining actions. Our CGC evaluators can prepare and test you for the AKC Tricks titles.
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Stay and Play

Length:  6 weeks
Cost:  $105.00
Pre-requisite:  Dogs which have had STAR or instructor approval

Make your play times training sessions and your training sessions play times.

Find your dog’s “on and off switches” and use them to help your dog focus on you.  We will offer the fine art of fetch, go to place, jump through a hoop, scent games, and more.  Combine play with obedience to create a really tuned-in dog.

Sniff It

Length:  6 weeks
Cost:  $105.00
Pre-requisites:  Instructor approval

Here is s a great game that will provide mental stimulation for your dog as he uses his natural scenting ability to find the hides.  We will build “hunt drive” to create the desire to locate the

hidden treasures within containers, in rooms, outdoors and around vehicles.

You and your dog might want to go on and compete in scent work.

Rally Signs for Fun

Length:  6 weeks
Cost:  $105.00
Pre-requisite:  Dogs which have had STAR

Learn the Rally signs and apply your obedience skills to navigate mini-rally courses.  You and your dog might want to go on to compete in AKC Rally Obedience.


Length:  6 weeks
Cost:  $85.00
Pre-requisite:  Dogs which have competed STAR or instructor approval

Where the rubber meets the road!  Time to strut your stuff and show your happy heeling.  Prepare for the AKC competition ring with classes in the basics through the higher levels.

We can help you with:

  • Beginner Novice,
  • Novice,
  • Open,
  • Utility and
  • Rally Obedience.

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